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About Us

Executive Board

Pic - Mike Coombes Mike Coombes
Managing Director and Co-Founder
  Pic - Guy Monson Guy Monson
Managing Director and Co-Founder
About Mike: Mike’s background is in manufacturing and product finishing. Apart from his lovely wife Tink, he has another huge love in his life, his dog Darwin, who we have all grown to love as our own. You can always count on Mike to boost staff morale and give us a good laugh. About Guy: Guy worked as a journalist (broadcast and print) before setting up Proporta with Mike in 1996. This background has left him with a good understanding of products and consumers and an enjoyment of writing. Guy's enthusiasm and innovative nature is utterly contagious and he's always on hand for an interesting chat.
Pic - Warren Warren Chester
About Warren: Warren started work as a mining engineer and sales manager but went on to become a strategy consultant, eventually building up his own business which he then sold to one of the Big 4 in 2005 where he became a Partner for 5 years. He is now a non-exec to a number of businesses and still consults privately for several clients. If Warren is not looking after Proporta or his other clients he is most likely to be found transporting his two teenage sons around, cooking or watching US detective shows and F1.

Sales & Business Support Team

Pic - Diego Alcacer Diego Alcacer
Account Manager
  Pic - Max Denyer Max Denyer
Account Manager
About Diego: Diego hails from Madrid and is one of the longest-serving members of the Proporta team. He is a lively (OK, pretty loud) member of the cast and keeps us up to date with a fine selection of Spanish swear words. He's also plays in a popular Brighton band called The Black Fields About Max: Max has a very loveable nature, which makes him a popular member of the team. He can remember SKUs off the top of his head (even when we have over 3000 products) and can usually be found singing along to Taylor Swift (although he swears his favourite artist is Ryan Adams).
Pic - Eva Holt Eva Holt
Internal Operations and Stock Manager
  Pic - Pierre Bateman Pierre Bateman
Sales Support Administrator
About Eva: Eva (or Elfi as she prefers to be called) moved to the UK from Slovakia in 2004 to improve her language skills and luckily for us she never went back :) Outside of the office she spends most of her time on the beach playing beach volley ball and competing on a national level. About Pierre: Pierre is half French (but didn't know how to make coffee until he joined us, yikes) and half English. He's definitely English though in his taste of football teams and is an avid fan of Manchester United. His two most important passions are his wife and their two lovely little boys.

Marketing & Customer Services Team

Pic - Lynnette Prigmore Lynnette Prigmore
Head of Brand and Marketing
  Pic - Diana Kenny Diana Kenny
Customer Services Manager
About Lynnette:

Lynnette is our Brand Guardian, acts as the Proporta spokesperson and helps drive our creative side (or "fluffy side", if you were to ask the Tech Team) forward. With a strong passion for fashion, shoes and G&Ts, Lynnette will always find an excuse to go skiing on her work travels.

About Diana: Diana has been with us since 2003 and is our Customer Services Queen. She loves all things American, especially country music, and can dance a mean meringue. An avid fan of romance and action films (she has quite a crush on Bruce Willis), Diana is generally a quiet person with a loud voice. Got that figured out? :) 
Roshell Roshell Taylor
Senior Customer Services Executive
  Pic - Rubini Balakumar Rubini Balakumar
Customer Services Executive
About Roshell: The 'captain' of customer service. She provides excellent customer service, always ready to help a customer and bring a smile on his/her face. She loves to be called Rosh and has a pen that's labelled 'Don't touch or I will kill you'.  About Rubini: Like all good superheroes, Rubini has a double identity and a range of expert skills. By day she's studying to become an attorney-at-law and by night she is one of our customer services executives. Oh, and did we mention the fact that she's also fluent in German?

Design Team

Pic - Iain Murphy Iain Murphy
 Head of Product Development
  Pic - Ben Thomson Ben Thomson
Product Manager
About Iain: How does he do it? Not only is he doing a damned fine job with our products, but he's a father of 4 children too.... and at a pretty young age! Iain's certainly got a way with words, has a great sense of humour, and is a bit of a party animal. About Ben: With his welcoming smile and great sense of humour, Ben is the perfect candidate for supporting Iain in bringing our product lines into order. Outside of the office Ben enjoys the colourful Brighton night life, playing Poker and being a Gooner (boo hiss).
Pic - Sian Vygus Sian Vygus
Product Designer
  Pic - Andrea Baggio Andrea Baggio
About Sian: Sian started with us as a placement student while studying Product Design Technology at the University of Brighton, and we haven't been able to get rid of her since. A keen problem solver, she can often be found at her desk, with her earphones in (with Kelly Clarkson on full volume), cutting, sticking or sketching away. About Andrea: Andrea, our young Italian, finished high school in Italy and is now following his passion in design and photography at Proporta where he can also improve his English and get a great experience working abroad. He loves listening to music and eating good food (of course!).
Pic -  Hoai oanh Vu Hoai oanh Vu
Product Designer
About Hoai oanh Vu: Hoai oanh loves breaking things, just so she can fix them again. An excellent trait as she is also the maker of all things tech. at Proporta. Born in the UK with Vietnamese parents, you will usually find her at her piano, sewing machine or at a random gig in Brighton dancing at the front.

Dispatch Team

Pic - Barry Denyer Barry Denyer
Warehouse Assistant
  Pic - Nikos Polyzos Nikos Polyzos
Warehouse Assistant
About Barry: Our longest serving member of the warehouse and in-house handy man is Barry. He helps out with dispatch and often fixes things when they break (damn our doorbell). He's got a lovely, gentle character which must be brought on from all the tea he drinks - he definitely enjoys a nice cuppa. About Nikos: Our very own “Nick the Greek”, Nikos came over from Greece on a boat and has never left (luckily for us). He has a penchant for doodling and playing pranks, so there’s never a dull day with Nik around. He has a Yorkshire terrier called Frodo and a good eye for a bargain.
Pic- Maciek Marianski Maciek Marianski
Warehouse Assistant
About Maciek: Maciek (or Mav as we call him) originally comes from Poland and is King of the volleyball court on Brighton beach. Our very own action man (you should see him on a zip wire), Mav also can cook an amazing Goulash, if he’s not busy playing backgammon.

Technical Team

Pic - Sam Rodman Sam Rodman
Head of eCommerce and IT Development
About Sam: Sam’s knowledge of all things technical must have been uploaded from some kind of advanced software built into everyday human hardware. He's sure made of the tough stuff, often having to wake up in the early hours to fix any tricky IT problems we encounter.

 Find out more about how we came to be with the Proporta story, from when we were just a twinkle in the eyes of Coombes and Monson to now… all grown up.