Proporta customer reviews

Diana is a bit miffed. She's responsible for keeping our customers happy but one in every hundred customers who have provided feedback on Proporta customer service have said they wouldn't recommend us.

Although that does mean an overwhelming majority of our customers do recommend us....

We set ourselves high standards here at Proporta HQ and until we have 100% happy customers, Diana and the team will not stop working to ensure every customer has a fantastic experience shopping with Proporta.

These statistics are as a result of feedback received from over 2,000 of our customers, as verified by eKomi. All customer reviews are available to view at

All Proporta reviews received are genuine, from real customers. We pride ourself on our levels of customer service and quality of products.  We've been receiving customer reviews almost since the first day we started. The first customer review we ever received was back in Dec, 1997 from the Reverend Kieran W, who declared himself "100% satisfied" with his case for his new Psion Series 5 (remember them?)

Word of mouth recommendation is what helps us grow our business. That's why we now independently verify and publish all of our customer service feedback, using a company called eKomi.

Here is a selection of recent customer reviews:

Great quality product very impressed indeed, bought it for my wife but now tempted to get one myself.

5/5 received 6-7-2013

Excuse me for raving about Proporta, but I've been buying their products for a few years and they have been very helpful when I have had issues with the design. I'm a heavy user of my mobile phone for business, and I always try to get the best phone I can afford with the highest quality accessories. I had a number of their HTC Desire HD cases before I bought their Samsung Galaxy S4 leather case with aluminium liner. The design is very business-like, with pinstripe lining and contrast stitching around the edge. There is a lifetime warranty on the cases: just send back, include an explanatory note and they send you a new one in the event of unusual wear or failure. The case is particularly fine. I wouldn't be opposed to spending £26 (which was my offer price: I didn't buy from Amazon) on a high-quality leather wallet, and a phone case gets more use in a way. I actually arranged a custom version with a hole over the speaker, which is on the rear of the phone. They may well be offering that on their later versions of this design. My version also has a magnet in it so that the S4 can turn its display on and off based on whether the case is closed. As far as I know, only Samsung's own case (which is an ugly plastic/rubber one) currently does this. All in all, an excellent product and team - thanks particularly to Diana who has been very helpful. Assuming they continue to make cases for the flagship smartphones, I'll continue to buy them if the quality of product and customer service stays this high.

5/5 received 3-7-2013

Proporta is the best company I have ever dealt with. There was an issue with my purchase that was not related to the seller at all, but they gave me numerous solutions to choose from and very promptly moved forward with my wishes. They even called me from across the pond. I am super impressed. You nearly never find a vendor online or in a store front with this much passion to have wonderful customer relations and pride in making things right. I can't say enough about them.

5/5 received 13-1-2013

 I have been a Proporta customer for a couple of years and have always found their customer service to be of the highest order. It seems that nothing is too much trouble and they always do that extra bit to satisfy. I am convinced that if Proporta cannot do it then it cannot be done!


Proporta get my wholehearted support and endorsement and I cannot recommend them highly enough.


5/5 received 2-5-2012


 The service and quality of goods are second to none. I can also rate the return policy experience as excellent.

 5/5 received 3-5-2012

Service was quick and efficient.
All goods received in good order. I would have no hesitation in recommending this firm.

 5/5 received on 30-4-2012

Proporta products have always struck me as excellent, and the iPhone Alu-Leather is no exception. The hand crafted elegant and contrast stitching compliments the iPhone beautifully. I’m not an expert when it comes to leather, but the Alu-Leather case feels and smells like top class leather to me.

5/5 received 16-10-2011