eco logic - recycled & eco friendly cases for ipod, iPad, iPhone, touch, nano, Blackberry and HTC Smartphones

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can shoot up to 60 centimetres in one day. It's an amazing material. It’s natural, sustainable and, as it grows, it actually removes carbon from the atmosphere and locks it away. It's also the key to avoiding a broken screen.

Materials explained

Hessian – natural and 100% biodegradable, used for lining Proporta Smart cases.

Recycled leather – we shred and compress leather off-cuts, iron them back into a leather shape and re-use them.

Cork – replaces the polystyrene variant of padded lining used in other cases.

Natural cotton – used for stitching throughout the Proporta Smart range and on our logos.

Etching – uses less energy than printing on our screen-protecting bamboo plates.

Recycled card boxes – used instead of old school plastic bags to protect the cases when in transit.

What’s Proporta doing?

Proporta Smart has spurred a companywide evaluation of everything we do – how much waste we produce and our total impact on the environment.

Although we’ve just started to make changes, we’re serious about doing the right thing and plan to take elements of our Proporta Smart range and, in time, apply them across all of our products.

Smart packaging

Around 5.9 million tonnes of household waste generated in the UK every year is packaging and we don’t want to add to the problem. Which is why we came up with our rather canny idea (even if we do say ourselves) of truly smart packaging...

The retail “packaging” in our Recycled Leather Case is made from bamboo and doubles-up as a tough, rigid lining to protect the screen of your device.

So that we could explain how to assemble the bamboo plate screen shield, we also had to include a strip of recycled card around our Recycled Leather Cases with translated instructions. With our aim of avoiding unnecessary waste in mind, Mike (one of the Proporta Directors) had a brilliant idea of allowing the customer to cut a template out of the card and turn it into a device stand. Smart.

The little things

After a lot of research and advice we've learnt a few things about what's good and what's not, and what we need to improve on...

Like how the plastic C-Clips we use to hold your device in its case can't be made from anything more than 30% recycled plastic, otherwise they become brittle and break.

And how it's better to use Hessian as a lining than canvas, because canvas isn't very good for the environment.

And how bamboo in a soft fabric form shouldn't be used as a screen cleaning cloth because the process it goes through uses loads of energy.