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TomeRaider (EPOC)

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TomeRaider (EPOC)

TomeRaider for Symbian 5 (EPOC OS)

Now you can carry an entire encyclopaedia on your Psion device. Dictionaries, movie and travel guides, novels, classics, reference works, religious texts and more are all a short download away. TomeRaider for Symbian OS allows you to read any TomeRaider file from your handheld device.

TomeRaider allows you to cram a library of FREE e-texts onto your handheld so you have access to foreign and English language dictionaries, thesauruses, wine guides, movie guides, religious and philosophical works and even your own text. There are thousands of TomeRaider files all available for FREE download.


Proporta is aware of the existence of illegal TomeRaider resources of copyright material including novels. Please do not encourage copyright theft by viewing or downloading these titles. It is the responsibility of each TomeRaider user to comply with international and local laws.

Key Features of TomeRaider for Palm OS

  • Full memory card support
  • Free use of thousands of texts
  • Works on 95% of handheld platforms
  • Powerful compression (view the entire Webster's Encyclopaedia in TomeRaider format)
  • Infrared beam function
  • Categorise your files
  • Fast search mechanism
  • Quick view

Questions and Answers

How do I get TomeRaider?

You'll find TomeRaider for all platforms right here. Once you have purchased the software you will be sent a registration unlock code via email. This code will need to be entered on your handheld to release it from the trial mode and open up the full functionality. Please remember that you will first need to download the trial version.

Is there a version of TomeRaider for other Operating Systems?

Yes, TomeRaider is available on the following platforms:

  • Pocket PC (Win CE 3 and above)
  • Symbian 5 (Psion EPOC)
  • Symbian 6 (Nokia 9210 Communicator)
  • Windows (Windows 95 and above)
  • Palm OS

Why choose TomeRaider over other readers?

Apart from the extreme versatility of TomeRaider (you can share files between 95% platforms) TomeRaider has a rapidly expanding library of priceless text all available for FREE download. The speed and increasing number of features of the application make it an essential piece of software.

My registration code does not work!

All Proporta registration usernames and unlock codes are case sensitive and must be entered exactly how they are shown on your purchase order. TomeRaider for Symbian 5 requires you to first supply your TomeKey this is then used to generate your regisration unlock code. In order to find your TomeKey please install TomeRaider on you handheld and go to 'menu' - 'tools' - 'unlock'

To whet your appetite, here are just some of the TomeRaider file types you'll find at MemoWare:

  • Encyclopaedias: The Probert Encyclopaedia, Webster's Encyclopaedia, Star Wars Encyclopaedia...
  • Dictionaries: WorldNet, Roget's Thesaurus, FOLDOC, language dictionaries, Cocktail Dictionary....
  • Translation Dictionaries: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch...
    Religious Texts: Numerous bibles, the Koran, Book of Mormon, Biblical Dictionary...
  • Novels: Many varied authors and growing fast....
  • Philosophy: Aristotle, Kant, Wittgenstein...

    Plus: Cookbooks, Movie Guides, Wine Guides and much much more.....

I am changing platforms, do I need to buy a new licence?

All TomeRaider applications are platform specific, so if you are moving to a new platform you will need to purchase a new licence. All Proporta licence registrations can be brought here from Proporta

Am I entitled to free upgrades?

Proporta has a full software development team who are constantly working on upgrades and updates to our current software (they are also constantly designing new software so please browse the site). Once you are registered with a piece of our software you are entitled to FREE updates.

Where can I upload my TomeRaider files?

If you have a TomeRaider document you would like to share with others, please contribute it to MemoWare. Your reward will be in heaven.

Reviews and Customer Comments

“…very many thanks... I use your TomeRaider software quite a bit, both on EPOC and Windows (and have -- as you know -- purchased licenses for both). Very many thanks, once again. I very much appreciate your help.” Gareth, Scotland.


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