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About Us

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Executive Board

Pic - Mike Coombes Mike Coombes
Managing Director and Co-Founder
  Pic - Guy Monson Guy Monson
Managing Director and Co-Founder
About Mike:  Mike’s background is in manufacturing and product finishing. Apart from his lovely wife Tink, he has another huge love in his life, his dog Darwin, who we have all grown to love as our own. Born in Essex, he has a natural head for figures and looks after key customer and supplier relationships. You can always count on Mike to boost staff morale and give us a good laugh. About Guy:  Guy worked as a journalist (broadcast and print) before setting up Proporta with Mike in 1996. This background has left him with a good understanding of products and consumers and an enjoyment of writing. Guy's enthusiasm and innovative nature is utterly contagious and he's always on hand for an interesting chat.
Pic - Warren Warren Chester
About Warren:  Warren started work as a mining engineer and sales manager but went on to become a strategy consultant, eventually building up his own business which he then sold to one of the Big 4 in 2005 where he became a Partner for 5 years. He is now a non-exec to a number of businesses and still consults privately for several clients. If Warren is not looking after Proporta or his other clients he is most likely to be found transporting his two teenage sons around, cooking or watching US detective shows and F1.

Office Administration

Pic - Debbie Debbie Isepp
PA/Office Manager
About Debbie: Juggling her PA role to Mike and Guy and keeping the office in check, Debbie is the master at making things run smoothly (and the boys organised).

Sales Team

Pic - Simon Simon Chamberlain
Sales Consultant
  Pic - Diego Chris Herovitsch
Head of Sales
About Simon: Proporta work with 2Vida Retail Ltd as our outsourced sales partner for the UK and Scandinavian retail and mobile phone network sales channels. Simon is the Sales Manager at 2Vida Retail and he secures and manages customer relationships on a consultant basis for Proporta. He also supports Coventry City FC, but we don't mention that. About Chris:  Chris heads up the sales team and ensures Proporta products are sold by our sales team across Europe. Originally from Austria, Chris likes to spend as much time as possible in his native mountains (but despite repeated requests he refuses to wear his lederhosen in the office).
Pic - Diego Diego Alcacer
Account Manager
  Pic - Andrea Andrea Gomes Santos
Account Manager
About Diego:  Diego hails from Madrid and is one of the longest-serving members of the Proporta team. He is an account manager and handles reseller accounts in different countries. He is a lively (OK, pretty loud) member of the cast and is dedicated to keeping us up to date with a fine selection of Spanish swear words. He's a talented musician, playing in a popular Brighton band called The Black Fields About Andrea: Andrea is based in Spain where she also completed her PhD in International Law. She is a vibrant member of the team. The only downside is that we don't get to see her that often.
Pic - Andrea Eva Czinegeova
Senior Accounts Executive
  Loading image... Pierre Bateman
Sales Support Administrator
About Eva: Eva (or Elfi as she prefers to be called) moved to the UK from Slovakia in 2004 to improve her language skills and luckily for us she never went back :) By day she looks after a number of our important retail customers, but outside of the office she spends most of her time on the beach playing beach volley ball and competing on a national level. About Pierre: Pierre is half French (but didn't know how to make coffee until he joined us, yikes) and half English. He's definitely English though in his taste of soccar teams and is an avid fan of Manchester United. He also loves fishing and has promised to bring in some fresh fish for us. Added to these, his two more important passions are his girlfriend and their little boy, Harley who is 18 months old and very cute. At Proporta he supports Elfie and assists account managers in ensuring the smooth running of day to day aspects of all reseller shipments.
Neil - Proporta Neil Moore
Business Development France
  Loading image... Kay Earl
Sales Support Administrator
About Neil: With his fluency in French he puts us all to shame and he's even English! But, he did live there for 25 years. He has recently come back to this green and wet land because you just cannot get a decent curry or beer over the channel. He's passionate about cuisine and has an "interesting" collection of ties for which, he apparently is well-renowned. About Kay: Kay was brought up in South London and very recently moved to Brighton, via Eastbourne. She loves movies, especially the classics from the 30 & 40's and anything by the Coen brothers. An avid fan of English Literature, Kay was lucky enough to spend a year as an intern at the Wordsworth Museum in the Lake District. However, she still is keen on numbers and accounts and likes to keep things organised. She loves to play netball or run around with her golden retriever, Tessa. She is very "into" Indie and Rock music (so she fits in well with the rest of the Proporta team) but cannot resist the odd, embarrassingly catchy pop song (shhhhhh that goes for all of us I think).

Marketing & Customer Services Team

nick baby pic Nick Hill
E Commerce/Marketing Manager
  Loading image... Jitender Sokhy
Digital Marketing Executive
About Nick: Nick heads up the eCommerce team, ensuring a great online experience for all Proporta customers. He's worked for years in London in digital marketing but now he's happy to be back in Brighton working for a successful local firm. Outside of work, in what limited spare time he has due to a young family, he's passionate about playing tennis and soccar. About Jitender: Jitender is a born and bred Brightonian. He looks after marketing for the UK side of things at Proporta and in his spare time likes eating other peoples' cheesy fries and peanut butter from the jar (not at the same time). Jitender wishes he lived in 1960s New York but since he doesn't have a time machine, is more than satisfied with modern day sunny Brighton.
Loading image... Diana Kenny
Customer Services Executive
  Loading image... Marta Gariazzo
Marketing/Customer Services Executive
(for Italy and France)
About Diana: Diana has been with us since 2003 and is a much valued member of our Customer Services team. With bags of knowledge about Proporta and our 3,000 products to boot, we doubt there's a customer out there who isn't left satisfied once Diana's given them a helping hand. About Marta: Originally from Italy, Marta handles our Italian and French marketing (multi-lingual – she's well clever) all the way from Paris. She loves meeting new people and never turns down a good pint of beer.
Sarah Stooks
Marketing/Customer Services Executive
(for North America and Spain)
  Stephanie Coleman
Marketing/Customer Services Executive
(for Germany)
About Sarah: Sarah joined Proporta after graduating  from the University of Kent  with a French and Spanish degree. What she loves more then anything in the world is Disney, dinosaurs, pirates and rock music. She has also been on on the big screen in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. About Stephanie: Originally from Stuttgart, Germany Stephanie moved to Brighton in 2009. A keen enthusiast at Volleyball and baking cakes and would rather have a pudding then a starter on meals out and about. She is also very keen on her pet tortoise called Shelly (Stephanie swears she didn't choose the name, but we will let you decide that one)
Roshell Roshell Taylor
Customer Services Executive
About Roshell: The 'captain' of customer service. She provides excellent customer service, always ready to help a customer and bring a smile on his/her face. She loves to be called Rosh and has a pen that's labelled 'Don't touch or I will kill you'.

Design Team

Pic - Lynnette Lynnette Prigmore
Head of Product/Writer
  Iain Murphy
Production Manager
About Lynnette: Responsible for bringing the latest products into the Proporta collection, Lynnette also doubles up as Brand Guardian, acts as the Proporta spokesperson and helps drive our creative side (or "fluffy side", if you were to ask the Tech Team) forward. With a strong passion for copywriting and getting involved in all aspects of the business, Lynnette can usually be found juggling numerous product launches at once. About Iain: How does he do it? Not only is he doing a damned fine job with our products and particularly the design to manufacture process, but he's a father of 4 children too.... and at a pretty young age! He's certainly got a way with words and manages to keep his humour, in even the most trying of times. In his spare time (although we're sure he doesn't have that much) he enjoys soccar, and quad biking with his kids and we have it on good authority, that he is an excellent party animal (although we've yet to see it!).
Tom - Proporta Tom Procter
Product Designer
  Loading image... Ben Thomson
Product Development Assistant
About Tom: The newest addition to the design team, Tom's background is rooted in Fashion and Product Development. He's another Gooner (Ben is very pleased) and a Brighton boy through and through. Keen to make things happen and push our design ranges to the next level, he is a perfectionist till the end. In his spare time Tom enjoys playing piano and the guitar and according to him his secret (though not any more of course) talent is juggling. About Ben: With his welcoming smile and great sense of humour, Ben is the perfect candidate for supporting Lynnette in bringing our product lines into order and acting as the link between our design and production teams. Outside of the office Ben enjoys the colourful Brighton night life, playing Poker and being a Gooner (boo hiss).
Loading image... Sian Vygus
Product Designer
  Loading image... Andrea Baggio
About Sian: Sian started with us as a placement student while studying Product Design Technology at the University of Brighton, and we haven't been able to get rid of her since. A keen problem solver, she can often be found at her desk, with her earphones in (with Kelly Clarkson on full volume), cutting, sticking or sketching away. She is very fond of animals (check out the dog that's bigger than her in this photo) and has the secret (not anymore) talent of being about to lick her own elbow. About Andrea: Andrea, our young Italian, is the most recent member of the design team who has fitted in well with Proporta's fun atmosphere. He recently finished high school in Italy and is now following his passion in design and photography at Proporta where he can also improve his English and get a great experience working abroad. He loves listening to music and eating good food (of course!).

Stock Supply Team

pic - Max Max Denyer
Head of Logistics
About Max: Max has a very loveable nature, which makes him a popular member of the team. He can remember arrival dates and SKUs off the top of his head (even when we have over 6000 products and 25 employees asking at the same time) and can usually be found singing along to Taylor Swift (although he swears his favourite artist is Ryan Adams).

Dispatch Team

Loading image... Michael Smith
Warehouse Manager
  Loading image... Genie Norman
Warehouse Operative
About Michael: Michael co-ordinates the warehouse and makes sure everything runs smoothly and all orders are shipped out on time to satisfy our fantastic customers. He has recently moved from "prim and proper" Oxford to the wonderful seaside town of Brighton seeking to join in all the fun goings on. He's enthusiastic about all things sport, especially rugby and enjoys 'questionable' music. About Genie: And finally we have a lady working in the warehouse !!! About time too. Genie is proving to be a brilliant member of our team and brightens up the place, especially with her vivid red hair. Quiet at first but once she gets going.... She has five dogs at home about whom she is crazy and is a really good artist, proven by her tattoos that she designs herself.
Loading image... Barry Denyer
Warehouse Assistant
About Barry: Our other part-time warehouse assistant and in-house handy man is Barry.  He helps out with dispatch and often fixes things when they break (damn our doorbell). He's got a lovely, gentle character which must be brought on from all the tea he drinks - he definitely enjoys a nice cuppa.

Technical Team

Loading image... Sam Rodman
IT Development Manager
About Sam: Sam’s knowledge of all things technical must have been uploaded from some kind of advanced software built into everyday human hardware. He's sure made of the tough stuff, often having to wake up in the early hours to fix any tricky IT problems we encounter.
Proporta was established in 1996 and designs the highest quality and widest range of cell phone protective cases including iPhone 5 cases, iPhone 4 - 4GS cases, Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, Blackberry cases, cell phone cases and covers, iPad - iPad 4 cases, iPad mini covers, tablet cases, Amazon Kindle covers, MP3 Player Cases, iPod cases as well as providing the award winning Turbocharger 700, phone screen protectors, cables and accessories.

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