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5 Things to do Instead of Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year when romance is in the air. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Maybe that puts a spring in your step, and you just can’t wait to record that mix-tape (or Spotify Playlist) for that special someone. Or maybe the thought of Valentine’s Day makes you feel slightly queasy and you’d rather keep your Spotify playlists free from cheesy love songs this year. So, for all those slightly less romantic types, Proporta’s here to save the day, with a few alternative activities for Valentine’s Day.


1. Cooking

Why not take some time out and get busy in the kitchen? Let’s face it, the internet has made finding a quick and simple recipe easier than ever. Maybe you love exploring new and exciting cuisines from around the world, and you’re a dab hand with a chopping board. Or maybe you’re a bit of a beginner and beans on toast is the extent of your knowledge. Whatever your level, cooking a lovely meal always brings a sense of accomplishment and can be healthy too.


food prepared for cooking


2.Play a Game

Why not get a few friends round and crack open the Monopoly board? If that brings back too many traumatic memories of Dad arguing with Mum about how much to sell Pall Mall for, why not give a card game a shot. Rummikub is easy to learn and gets the brain working.



Yoga is a great way to improve your body’s flexibility, as well as decrease stress and anxiety. Many studies have shown it to reduce the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Classes have started popping up all over the place, so you’ve got no excuse.


yoga image on valentines blog

4. Hit the Gym

Maybe you prefer a more rigorous workout than Yoga. Why not hit the gym and get those juices flowing? Most modern gyms are kitted out with loads of gear for cardiovascular and resistance training. So, whether you’re training for that next marathon, or hitting the bench press, you’re sure to find a gym to suit your needs.


5. An Escape Room

Fancy testing those problem-solving skills? Then maybe an escape room is your perfect alternative Valentine’s Day activity. Put your mind to the test in a variety of fantasy scenarios, from a pirate’s boat or a haunted house, to a Prison Break theme. Whatever your taste, there’s bound to be something to keep you entertained.

So, there you have it: A few ideas to keep you busy on Valentine’s Day. Now you can rest assured, knowing that you won’t have to get involved in all that stomach-churning cheesy stuff. And you can keep Vanessa Carlton songs a thousand miles away from your Spotify playlists.

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