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Battery Saving Tips

Are you that person who’s always on 2%? Does your phone get to 10% battery and suddenly shut down? Are you worried this is because you spend every evening from 9pm reading Twitter’s reactions to Love Island?

Hey, there’s no judgement here. But while we can’t help with the latter, we can provide some useful tips on how to preserve your battery life (and your battery’s life).


wireless charging bank next to sink


1. Work out what’s sucking the life out of your battery. Go to settings > battery and close those apps when you’re not using them (or avoid them entirely if you’re running low).

2. Disable location services. Some apps track your location, even when you’re not using them. You can select the “while using” option for all of your apps under the locations services setting.

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3. Low power mode. This reduces the amount of power your phone uses when the battery gets low. It should pop up automatically as an option when you’re below 20%. Or you can enable it manually via your settings.

4. Set your phone to auto-lock as frequently as you can tolerate. This’ll reduce the amount of battery your phone eats up whilst the screen is lit.

5. There’s a chance your screen is brighter than it needs to be. Turn on auto-brightness or turn the brightness down as far as you can manage.


Ted Baker Connected Wireless power bank


Finally, to save your battery’s overall life span it’s suggested that you don’t charge your phone past 80%.

Try not to leave it plugged in unnecessarily unless it needs to be charged. Experts suggest that you do a full, zero to 100% charge once a month.

The rest of the time stick to topping it up when it drops below 50% and unplug it before it his 100%.


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