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MythBuster: Do cases protect, really?

We’ve been kicking around the block for a couple of decades now. Before the iPod or iPhone… A land without turtleneck-fuelled keynote speeches.

Even before social media when we had to look our friends’ children in the eyes and like them for real.

Our first case was for a Psion PDA. A sturdy bit of kit, which did the job very nicely when you to drop it on the floor. 

Nowadays, with the power of online targeting, you may struggle to avoid a video of somebody throwing their phone against a brick wall to demonstrate how protective their case is. And we get it; we blasted ours with a shotgun once and it only went and bloomin’ survived.

But that might still mean that your screen cracks when it falls 30cms out of your pocket when exiting the car. We’re sure Ms Morrisette would’ve had a field day with her iPhone surviving a fall from a plane, but not a fateful descent into the toilet.

hone Smashing on Floor

So what to do? Well, cases are important if you want to protect your phone.

For the same reason that you wouldn’t go down a helter-skelter in the 80s without the itchy sack to sit in. Adding an extra layer to an expensive bit of kit simply makes sense and will, more often than not, prevent any damage to your phone.

Smashing Case Image

Just to make sure, in addition to Uncle Barry going at it with a shotgun. we also put ours through the following real-life examples, every time. Just in case.


1. Signal Testing
To make sure that our cases don’t block your phone’s signal. Wouldn’t that be annoying?


2. Drop Testing
From 1.8 metres on all faces and edges, 25 times over.


3. Rub Testing
We rub our cases (weighted) on denim 5000 times. Almost as many times as we get our phones out of our pockets in a day.


4. Other stuff
We test for chemicals, nasty substances, cracking and corrosion before giving our cases the final nod.




And if you still manage to put it through the mill enough that your case starts to look a little worse for wear, we offer a lifetime exchange warranty on all our cases. Just register here.


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