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Get your old smartphone out of the drawer – it could be landing astronauts on the moon, winning a world war… or spying on your cat

Did you know? Your old smartphone has more computing power than NASA used for the moon landing. And is hundreds of times more powerful than what the Allies had in WW2. So, when is a powerful computer not a powerful computer? Well, when it’s gathering dust in the back of your sock drawer for a start...

Whether you want to spy on your cat, check there aren’t any hoodlums hopping over your garden fence or just keep a closer eye on things, here’s how to turn your old mobile into a CCTV camera.


CCTV blog image


You will need…

A waterproof case (ahem: like our BeachBuoy, a mounting bracket, charging cable, silicone sealant, and an old phone.


Things needed to use your phone for a camera



  1. Download Alfred Camera from the app store. Set it up on your old and current phone. Pair them together and check that the remote camera function is working.


  1. Make a small hole in your waterproof case at the location of your phone’s charging port. Make sure the camera is facing out through the clear window of the case.


  1. Use the sealant to waterproof the hole.


  1. Find a nice view to look at.


  1. Switch on your old phone and run the Alfred Camera app. Mount it in position and adjust the viewing angle using your new phone.

Note: if you don’t have access to power, you’ll need a simple solar charger with USB output. Don’t forget to use the sealant to make sure all the electrics are waterproofed.


CCTV image of man peering over fence


Lastly, to stop us all becoming right old nuisances/stalkers/on the wrong end of the local Neighbourhood Watch group, the UK government has guidelines on domestic CCTV use, which you can read all about here.


Mission accomplished.


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